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Perhaps because freelance translators spend a lot of time alone and feel the need to communicate with other people in their profession. Perhaps because we often have more time than we would have expected in periods of low activity between two projects. Or maybe because both translators and interpreters are also often excellent writers and communicators. Whatever the reason, it is certain that there are an incredible number of translation and interpretation blogs waiting for someone to find them.

Whether you want to make your work known or you are looking for the right software for you, or just want to know that you are not alone, blogs can be an invaluable resource for anyone involved in this profession.

Here are some of the 10 translation and interpretation blogs that might be useful to you:

1. Mox’s Blog (

The technical translator, Alejandro Moreno Ramos, is the creator of Mox and the protagonist of this great blog that uses cartoons to describe the different stages of a translator’s life. According to the blog, “Mox is a young but well-educated translator. He has two PhDs, he speaks six languages ​and hardly succeeds in earning a minimum salary.” Does it sounds familiar?

2. Three Percent (

If you are a literary translator or you are interested in literary translation, it is worth finding out what kind of books are translated from a lot of languages ​​into English. The Three Percent blog, led by the University of Rochester, is a great source of information on books translated and published in the United States of America.

3. Aventuras de una traductora-intérprete en Madrid (

Aída Gonzáles del Álamo offers a number of useful tips and shares her experiences as an interpreter from English into Spanish in Madrid, as well as interesting interviews with other interpreters.

4. Musings from an overworked translator (

I am sure more than one of us identifies with the title of the blog of Jill Sommer (Reflections of an overworked translator). This mix of pictures and thoughtful reflections on a translator’s life is perfect to remind ourselves that we are not alone.

5. Algo más que traducir (

Pablo Muñoz, a video game specialist, writes a modern blog with tips on resources, software and marketing techniques for translators. It also provides general advice on translation and localization issues.

6. Speechmarks Translation Blog (

The blog of the British translator Megan Onion is full of practical tips for professional translators, as well as interesting and illustrative interviews with other linguists.

7. La Paradoja de Chomsky (

The freelance translators’ blog and technology specialist, Oliver Carreira, offers a number of practical tips for freelance translators, such as tax tips and the various types of software that will help you in your career as a translator.

8. Centre for the Art of Translation (

The San Francisco Translation Center is another great source of information on translated literature, including interviews with writers, translators and publishers, and information about translation awards.

9. The Interpreter Diaries (

The author of this popular blog that has long been in operation is Michelle Hof, a freelance conference interpreter for the European institutions in Brussels. The blog offers a great deal of advice to anyone who is interested in working as an interpreter in international organizations.

10. Ortografía y Redacción (

As all the translators know, besides knowing how to use a second language, the art of translating is to know the mother tongue perfectly. This Spanish blog is perfect in those frustrating moments in which we feel we forget something in Spanish.

All of these sites include links to other blogs written by hundreds of translators and interpreters around the world, so you can be sure you will find something to help and inspire you in your work.

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