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There is no doubt that today’s translators have a major advantage over past translators: online translation resources. The Internet offers a wide range of dictionaries and very useful translation tools when we want to translate any type of text. These tools can be life-saving when you face those delivery deadlines that seem impossible to achieve.

Here are some online dictionaries that can help you:

1. WordReference (

WordReference is an online dictionary collection that includes more than 15 languages. However, it works better in some language combinations than others. His English and Spanish dictionaries are excellent, for example, while other languages, such as Portuguese, are still in development.

This site also has a number of online forums where people can ask questions about terms or phrases that are difficult to translate and other users can provide possible translations.

2. Proz (

Proz is a site that brings together the largest online community of translators in the world and offers various services, resources and support materials for all those working in this field.

It also includes one of the best search engines for specialized terms on the market in almost all languages currently spoken in the world. Like WordReference, Proz has an online forum service where translators can share their opinions on specific technical terminology. Definitely, it is a tool that no translator should miss.

3. Linguee (

This site offers the combination of two resources into one. On the one hand, it is an editorial dictionary that contains specific terms in Spanish, English, German, French, and Portuguese. On the other hand, it is a comprehensive database of translations that have already been done first in international companies and organizations.

The results are presented in two columns, and the user has the opportunity to see examples of documents (the original and the translation), which contain the desired term.

Other online dictionaries:

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