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Here is a list of some online machine translation programs:

1. Google Translate (

Google launched its own online translation program in 2007 and has become one of the most widely used translation tools worldwide. Google Translate is a free machine translation program that allows users to enter entire blocks of text in over 60 different languages.

Google Translate offers translations that allow users to get an idea of the general content of the text. It is a very good tool to create a draft (at least for technical or informational texts), which will then be edited and refined. However, this program is not very useful for literary or creative texts because it does not always understand registry or context issues.

2. DeepL (

It offers a translation tool that generates more naturally phrased text than any of its major competitors. The service uses what is known as deep learning technology, which is based on artificial neural networks. Deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to mimic human learning.

DeepL supports file translation (Word or Power Point) and translation in and from 26 languages.

3. Babylon (

Babylon is a program that translates with a single click on the word or phrase you want to know its meaning (you can also type directly). It not only translates, it also looks for information on hundreds of topics, which are searched in the dictionary for immediate access. The content of this software is searched on the Israeli company private server, through the Internet or it can be stored in the computer locally.

4. Reverso (

Reverso is a free online program that includes translation, dictionaries, conjugation, grammar, pronunciation, being funded largely by advertising. Translate expressions and suggest alternative translations.

5. Word Magic Software (

Word Magic is an online translation software exclusively from English to Spanish and vice versa. It is a very useful tool for specialized translations. However, Word Magic is no longer free. Some words are still available online, but unfortunately it is no longer as useful as before.

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