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In this article we will present the types and areas of translation:

Types of translation:

  • Simple translations: Do not require the signature and stamp of the translator, nor notary acknowledgement as these are not official documents. They can be submitted electronically or printed according to customer requirements.
  • Certified translations: Have the signature and stamp of an authorized translator by the Ministry of Justice in Romania.
  • Legalized translations: Are actually certified translations, the translator’s signature is authenticated by a public notary. The legalization fee is not included in the translation fee, but is charged separately by the notary.

Areas of translation:

  • Personal documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, identity cards, home and citizenship certificates, criminal records, driving licenses, employment record books
  • Diplomas and study documents: high school diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, post-secondary school graduation certificates, certificates and attestations of professional competence, academic transcripts, curriculum plan, analytical programs
  • Legal area: judgements, powers of attorney, notary statements, divorce sentences, parental consent statements, land acts, government statements, decrees, articles of incorporation, contracts, company statutes, protocols, etc.
  • Economic field:
    Banking translations: bank account statements, credit conditions, insurances, bank audit reports
    Commercial translations: certificates of origin of the goods, confirmation of company details, registration certificates, sale and purchase agreements, lease contracts, association contracts, articles of incorporation, additional documents
    Accounting translations: reports, balance sheets, audit reports, invoices, receipts, payment orders
    Financial translations: financing dossiers, auctions, leasing, declarations of assets
  • Medical area: certificates, hospital admission files, patient files, clinical reports and studies, medical analysis, drug prospectuses, medical device manuals
  • Tourism area: guides and tourist packages
  • Human Resources area: resumes, questionnaires
  • Subtitles

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