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Here are some interesting facts about Italian that will surprise and help you when translating into and from Italian:

1. Italian is a Romance language.

2. 1861 was the year in which Italian became an official language.

3. Italian is spoken by over 85 million people worldwide.

4. Italian is the fifth most studied language in the United States.

5. The Italian alphabet contains only 21 letters.

6. Numerous regional dialects are used in Italy.

7. Italian established its legal form in the first years of the 14th century, thanks to the work of Dante Alighieri.

8. The first text in Italian is over 1000 years old.

9. Italian has significantly influenced English and other Western languages.

10. Italian is the official language of classical music.

11. The longest word in Italian is ″esofagodermatodigiunoplastica″ of 29 letters and refers to a reconstructive surgery related to the removal of the stomach.

12. The word ″volt″ comes from an Italian inventor.

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