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In this article we will present 5 interesting facts about Spanish language that you probably did not know:

1. We can refer to Spanish in two ways: ″español″ and ″castellano″. Although ″castellano″ literally translates to ″castilian″, a dialect of the Spanish language spoken in Spain, its meaning has evolved and refers to the language as a whole. Usually, Spain and Central America use the term ″español″, while the countries of South America use ″castellano″.

2. The letters ″B″ and ″V″ are heard the same in Spanish. The words ″basta″ and ″vasta″ are homophones.

3. The exclamations and questions in Spanish begin with an inverted exclamation mark (¡) and an inverted question mark (¿). These punctuation marks do not exist in other languages, except for minority languages in Spain.

4. There are many words in Spanish that cannot be translated into a single word. An example is ″empalagarse″ (it means you feel bad because you ate too much sweet).

5. There are two Spanish expressions used to say ″I love you″: ″Te amo″ and ″Te quiero″. The first expression is used between loved ones or close family members. The second expression has a friendly meaning.

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