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Translation apps are underappreciated, but they can be lifesavers in an emergency. If you are traveling to another state or country, translation apps for Android and iOS can help you navigate and communicate in those locations.

1. iTranslate Voice (iOS)

This app translates voice into more than 40 languages, you can request local directions, say an address to a taxi driver or almost anything you want in another language. You register and then your voice is immediately translated into the chosen language. You can record someone’s answer in their language, and the application will translate it into your own language.

2. Google Translate (Android, iOS)

This app allows you to translate 108 languages by typing a word or phrase and gives you access to 59 languages offline. You can use handwriting (where you will draw a text or characters instead of typing) in 95 languages. You can use the camera for an instant translation of a menu into 90 languages.

3. Say Hi Translate (Android, iOS)

With this app, you can translate your voice into 90 languages and dialects. The app allows you to record your voice and then translate it into the selected language. To play the translation, you can choose the voice of a man or a woman and you can adjust the speed as you like. If you are in a loud environment, you can type instead of speaking into the microphone. The app is only available if you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or have at least a 3G data connection.

4. TextGrabber (Android, iOS)

This app allows you to point the phone’s camera to a text so that it is translated into a language of your choice.

5. Microsoft Translator (Android, iOS)

With this app, you can translate text, voice, and photos from and into English and over 60 languages. The app is ideal for business trips, you can talk with up to 100 people simultaneously in different languages, by connecting the devices. Language packages are available for offline translation. With the help of the translation and pronunciation guides, you can also learn how to speak correctly some of the phrases you translate, instead of just relying on vocal function.

6. Waygo (iOS)

This app only translates from English to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and vice versa, but it can be helpful if you are running out of Wi-Fi, because it is completely offline. The app is best used with the instant camera – you just have to indicate various signs and menus and the translation appears. The free version includes 10 translations per day, and the premium version includes unlimited translations.

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