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iOS 14: Apple’s new translation app

Estimated reading time: 1 minute Apple’s translation app, first introduced in iOS 14, is designed to translate from one language to another. By default, the app uses cloud services to perform translations, but you can download language packages that can[…]

9 interesting facts about translation

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Language is one of the most elaborate forms of communication that humanity has developed over the centuries. Each language has its own cultural nuances that make proper intercultural communication nearly impossible without the assistance of[…]

How to say Happy Easter in 30 languages

Estimated reading time: 1 minute If you want to know how to say Happy Easter in other languages, we have compiled a list up below. 1. Albanian: Gezuar Pashket! 2. Basque: Aste Santu zoriontsua! 3. Bulgarian: Честит Великден! 4. Catalan:[…]